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10 Arrests in 87 Minutes: The Anatomy of the NYPD’s Protest Dispersal Process

[NEW YORK, NY]  On the eve of the second anniversary of the Occupy movement, two video activists, have released a 10 minute short film providing perhaps the most detailed civilian account to date of the NYPD’s process of crowd dispersion during mass mobilizations. The video, shot on September 17th, 2012, during Occupy Wall Street’s first anniversary celebration action, details 10 arrests that took place over the span of 87 minutes. While at first glance many of the individual arrests appear to be arbitrary, careful analysis from the videographers illustrates a larger picture wherein the NYPD’s actions are calculated and designed to derail the protestors ability to effectively assemble.

This video is a powerful resource for activists of all stripes in New York City. Please watch it, share it, carefully examine the NYPD’s process in it, and use it to inoculate yourself from their coordinated attempts to stifle your first amendment protections.

“On the eve of the second anniversary of OWS it bears remembering that the occupations didn’t simply fizzle and dissipate,” says Paul Sullivan, who videotaped the police response, “this video, shot last year on the morning of the first anniversary, not only reminds us of how difficult it is to protest when the NYPD is determined to shut you down, but also how the NYPD continues to supress civil liberties in order to stamp out the movement.”

10 Arrests in 87-minutes’ was shot by Paul-Henri Sullivan and edited by him and his brother, Justin. Each were arrested while filming this video and each have had their charges since dismissed.

September 17th, #S17 All Roads Lead to Wall Street: A Statement From The Occupy Wall Street PR Team

September 17th, #S17 All Roads Lead to Wall Street: A Statement From The Occupy Wall Street PR Team

[NEW YORK, NY] September 17, 2012 (#S17) marks the beginning of year two of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) and four years since Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy, helping catapult our global economy into a new phase of disrepair and dragging millions of ordinary people down with it.

No complaints from the rich 1% – they’re still rich. They’re insatiable unless we push back.

On September 15-17, Occupy Wall Street is planning three days of education, celebration and resistance to economic injustice (http://s17nyc.org/schedule/) with convergences and assemblies, concerts, and some of the famous OWS direct action. Much of our organizing happens behind-the-scenes, but you’ll see Occupy pop into view soon; and as we are sure you already know, we are bigger than the sum of our mass demonstrations (they just tend to get the most attention).

If you are planning a piece about OWS, let us know and we’ll connect you to organizers here in NYC and elsewhere. Contact the OWS PR Team at 347-292-1444 or via email at press@occupywallst.org. For more info on the #S17 visit http://www.s17nyc.org


Activists Vow To #OccupyWallStreet

Activists Vow To #OccupyWallStreet

A national call to action for an impromptu mobilization to reclaim Wall Street on September 17th is currently underway.  Taking inspiration from the Arab Spring affinity groups aligned with decentralized groups like Anonymous as well as more mainstreamed outlets like Adbusters are taking to the streets with myriad demands ranging from Wall Street reforms to a complete end to campaign finance and manipulation from the financial sector.  The Global Revolution Movement has provided a live webcast of the actions happening on and around Wall Street. You can view the broadcast  HERE.

All the groups involved have pledged to maintain this occupation as long as possible, specifically Adbusters is calling for the occupation to last for months…

“On September 17, we want to see 20,000 people flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months. Once there, we shall incessantly repeat our one simple demand until Barack Obama capitulates.”  -Adbusters

A little over a month ago Sparrow Media contributor Stephanie Basil helped outline Wall Street’s manipulative response to attempts by governing bodies to regulate their misconduct their and determined that their push back has created an environment  where corporations can operate with even less scrutiny then before our financial crisis began.  In this lack of oversight corporations continue to destroy the environment, exploit workers, exploit animals, and citizens as they forward their agendas.  You can read Stephanie’s article HERE.To learn more about the ongoing campaign to occupy Wall Street visit —  http://occupywallst.org


9/17, 8:00PM EST — NYPD deploy riot police & announce 10pm cerfew.

9/17, 8:45pm EST — Updates stream by Aljazera: http://storify.com/ajstream/occupywallstreet

9/17, 9:00pm EST — Mainstream Media outlets begin to cover story:  (google summary)

9/17, 9:05pm EST — Police threaten that otherwise legal assembly on sidewalks will be dispersed by force.

9/17, 9:05pm EST — NYPD are cutting bicycles locked up surrounding Wall Street.

9/17, 9:45pm EST — Adbusters announces for everyone to get to Zucotti Park: (googlemaps link)

9/17, 10:00pm — Activists post online stream of NYPD dispatch transmissions: (link to stream)

9/17, 10:40pm EST — Police announce that Zucotti Park closes in 20mins activists negotiate to stay the night.

9/17, 11:00pm EST —  “General Assembly” spokesperson announces that police will allow them to stay.

9/17, 11:18pm EST —  Police cut power to park & plaza in effort to slow mobile device reporting.

9/17, 11:18pm EST —  Police completely surround park.

9/17, 11:18pm EST —  Two arrested for allegedly covering face.  Police citing NYC mask law.

9/18, 12:25am EST —  Activists settle in for the night & vow to use park as staging area for Monday’s protest.

9/18, 12:30am EST —  Activists are asking supporters to bring generators & solar energy sources to the park tomorrow morning to recharge electronic equipment.

9/18, 10:00am EST — Second occupier’s General Asembly at 10am sharp at Zucotti Park: (googlemaps link)

9/18, 12pm EST — General Asembly rename Zuccoti Park Liberty Square (Corner of Broadway & Liberty)

9/18, 1pm EST — Activists raise over $10,000 online for food donations & coordinate food distribution at camp.

9/18, 10pm EST — Activists announce planned occupation of financial avenue for Monday morning.

9/19, 12am EST — Activists hold silent roving protest of Wall Street at midnight.

9/19, 11:30am EST — Two protestors arrested for chalking sidewalk. 

9/20, 8:00am EST — 6 activists arrested as NYPD attempt to remove tarps from park, two were seriously injured.  (link to videos of arrests HERE

9/20, 10am EST — Police arrest activist organizer in Park.

9/20, 11am EST — Adbusters confirms that Yahoo is censoring messages promoting OccupyWallStreet.org (read more about Yahoo’s censorship efforts HERE)