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September 17th, #S17 All Roads Lead to Wall Street: A Statement From The Occupy Wall Street PR Team

September 17th, #S17 All Roads Lead to Wall Street: A Statement From The Occupy Wall Street PR Team

[NEW YORK, NY] September 17, 2012 (#S17) marks the beginning of year two of Occupy Wall Street (OWS) and four years since Lehman Brothers declared bankruptcy, helping catapult our global economy into a new phase of disrepair and dragging millions of ordinary people down with it.

No complaints from the rich 1% – they’re still rich. They’re insatiable unless we push back.

On September 15-17, Occupy Wall Street is planning three days of education, celebration and resistance to economic injustice (http://s17nyc.org/schedule/) with convergences and assemblies, concerts, and some of the famous OWS direct action. Much of our organizing happens behind-the-scenes, but you’ll see Occupy pop into view soon; and as we are sure you already know, we are bigger than the sum of our mass demonstrations (they just tend to get the most attention).

If you are planning a piece about OWS, let us know and we’ll connect you to organizers here in NYC and elsewhere. Contact the OWS PR Team at 347-292-1444 or via email at press@occupywallst.org. For more info on the #S17 visit http://www.s17nyc.org


Coalition of Activists & Occupiers Announce Plan to Crash David Koch’s Southhampton Fundraiser for Mitt Romney

Coalition of Activists & Occupiers Announce Plan to Crash David Koch’s Southhampton Fundraiser for Mitt Romney

[SOUTHHAMPTON, NY] At 4pm on July 8th, 2012 a diverse coalition of activists and occupiers from across New York will descend upon a fundraiser for presidential candidate Mitt Romney at the Southhampton home of billionaire David Koch. Citing the ever-growing and pervasive influence of Koch Industries’ money on our electoral system, organizers from Occupy Wall Street, The Long Island Progressive Coalition, Greenpeace, Move to Amend [Brookhaven], ALIGN NY, Art Not War, Strong For All, MoveOn.org, United New York, Occupy Storefront and Occupy Huntington, Long Island, have announced that they will take action to non-violently disrupt the fundraiser at David Koch’s shorefront estate located at 880 Meadow Lane in Southhampton.

While Romney plans on attending 3 fundraisers that day in the Hamptons the demonstrators have made it clear that the Koch Estate will remain their only target. The coalition of activists initially assembled by the End Corporatism Affinity Group of Occupy Wall Street will be taking a non-partisan stance, uniting around a unified message that corporate money is exponentially diluting and subverting our democratic process (a phenomenon not limited to one single party.) To the demonstrators, David and Charles Koch embody everything that is wrong with money in politics.

“The Long Island Progressive Coalition is busy coordinating a network of Long Island groups who won’t stand by while their backyard is used for Koch and Romney to fund a regressive political agenda,” says Lisa Tyson, director to the Long Island Progressive Coalition.

In 2011 Charles and David Koch announced their intentions to raise and spend $200,000,000 on whomever would run against President Obama. Also, in 2011 while on a retreat for supporters of Koch Industries and their political arm, American’s for Prosperity, Charles Koch was secretly recorded while addressing the group. “This is the mother of all wars we’ve got over the next 18 months. For the life or death of this country …if you want to kick in a billion, believe me,” says Koch “we’ll have especial seminar just for you.”

But it’s not just the money that has sent protestors into a frenzy across the country, it’s also the Koch agenda. David and Charles Koch are seen by the protestors as the architects behind Wisconsin’s challenge to the collective bargaining rights of unions. They have also actively financed public relations campaigns aimed at dispelling climate change. According to Kert Davies, the director for research for Greenpeace the Kochs have spent more than $50 million since 1998 on “various front groups and think tanks who … oppose the consensus view that climate change is real, urgent and we have to do something about it.” Moreover, Koch Industries remains a driving lobbying force behind the controversial Keystone XL tarsands pipeline, a project opposed by the President as well as environmental and native groups across North America.

Protestors will assemble at 3pm at the public parking lot at Southhampton’s Cooper’s Beach (located at 286 Meadow Lane, Southhampton) and at 4pm march with banners and creative visuals to the home of David Koch (located at 880 Meadow Lane, Southhampton) a map with expected protest locations is provided below.

*Busses will be provided for protestors from New York City who wish to attend. These buses will depart from New York’s Union Square at 12pm and arrive in Southhampton by 3pm. To reserve a spot on the bus please reply via facebook HERE.

*Activists from Long Island and others driving from points west are encouraged to utilize the free parking at Stonybrook University’s Southampton Campus which is located at 65 Tuckahoe Road, Southampton. From here, people will be shuttled to a meeting point near the Koch house. For more information on parking, contact dsegal@lipc.org

WHAT: Protest Against Mitt Romney Fundraiser at Home of David Koch
WHERE: 880 Meadow Lane, Southhampton, NY 11968
WHEN: Sunday, July 8th, 4pm

Activists Protest to Defend Threatened La Jolla Seals, Saturday 5/7/2011

Activists Protest to Defend Threatened La Jolla Seals, Saturday 5/7/2011

La Jolla, CA — As many as a hundred conservationists and animal rights activists are expected to stage a protest march at 10am this Saturday, May 7th demanding adaquate protections for a seal colony in La Jolla’s Casa Cove.  Their march through downtown La Jolla will begin at the corner of Girard Ave. & Prospect St. in La Jolla (map) and end with a rally above the beach at Casa Cove.

Casa Cove, also known as “baby beach” by locals has served as a rookery for harbor seals since the construction of an artificial sea wall by the Scripps family in the 1930s.  “Despite federally mandated protections for these seals, periods of shared use of the beaches at Casa Cove have led to situations where seals were harassed or chased away by people.” says Dorota Valli of the Animal Protection and Rescue League (APRL) of San Diego’s SealWatch.  “Due to development and human intrusions on the coast the nearest established rookeries for harbor seals are roughly 100 miles to the north and south of Casa Cove thus limiting the harbor seal’s ability to breed, nurse, and raise their young.” says Carly Slawson a volunteer with APRL’s SealWatch.

“Must we humans be so selfish that we would deny the seals a small spot on the coast they can call their own. Those who want the seals removed so children can have the beach have certainly not asked the children what they want. Most children would prefer to see seals living happy on a beach than to see them removed. The people who are victimizing these seals are both anti-nature and anti-children. They have their own agenda of greed and prejudice,” say’s Captain Paul Watson, founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and star of the hit TV series Whale Wars (Discovery)

The activists are an umbrella group of organizations including the Animal Protection and Rescue League of San Diego, Seal Watch San Diego, La Jolla Friends of the Seals, and Orange County People for Animals, who collectively are fighting to establish further protection and an eventual sanctuary for the La Jolla seals.  The activists have implemented a two-tiered approach of non-violent direct action protests like the one they have planed for Saturday as well as a plan of civil action in the La Jolla courts.  The activists have recently petitioned the courts for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) in hopes the rope barring access to Casa Cove will not be lifted and that the Baby Beach rookery will not be opened to beach goers.  The case is being revisited in La Jolla court on May 17th, 2011.  For details about this weekends march as well as additional information on the La Jolla seals visit http://SaveSanDiegoSeals.com

To arrange an interview with the activists or to obtain high-resolution images of the rookery at Casa Cove please contact Tim Rusmisel at 949.973.7325 or email press@sparrowmedia.net

Subversive Activism Workshop at NYU

Subversive Activism Workshop at NYU

Andy Stepanian, cofounder of the Sparrow Media Project & defendant in the landmark SHAC7 trial will dissect contemporary activist movements, highlighting which tactics are working, when they work best, and how a diversity of tactics often yield the largest benefit. Andy will reflect on his past involvement with non-violent direct action movements, his role in the campaign to close down Huntingdon Life Sciences, as well as his current with Sparrow work as a grassroots activism PR consultant.

Join us on Tuesday, April 26 at NYU’s Kimmel Center, Room 803 from 6:00 to 7:30 PM

You can RSVP this event on facebook HERE*

Cipher’s ‘Joyous Collapse’ is Making the Political, Personal

This week Sparrow’s Andy Stepanian highlighted the political punk band Cipher in an article he wrote for The Huffington Post. The article garnered a bit of attention for Cipher, which was the point …Cipher has always put sincerity, ethics, and substance before the fluff of the music industry, if only every band had the hearts that these guys have.  You can read the full article by clicking here.


Seminal New York hardcore punk band Cipher have always braided politics with their art, delivering a powerful message along side an equally brutal sound. Cipher has never shied away from the political aspects of their music, and in their most recent album, The Joyous Collapse, Cipher shifts their focus away from challenging the more obvious external institutions of oppression to some of the less obvious aspects of personal revolution. Each song on The Joyous Collapse is aimed at breaking down ones self and seeing where we as individuals directly and indirectly support oppression. Directly attacking ones own daily interactions with militarism, sexism, homophobia, and consumer culture, The Joyous Collapse forces us to ask ourselves, “where & how do I support suffering?”


The Sparrow Project thanks Cipher frontman, Maurice “Moe” Mitchell for inviting us into his life and sharing Cipher’s story with us. Please share this video with your friends & please show support for Cipher’s amazing efforts by downloading a song or the album off itunes today.


Cipher’s The Joyous Collapse is available at Itunes, and Amazon. Please support Cipher by buying the album today!











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