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We Will Not Be Silent: Activists and Creatives Will Carry Over One Hundred Messages to New York’s Financial District

We Will Not Be Silent: Activists and Creatives Will Carry Over One Hundred Messages to New York’s Financial District

[NEW YORK, NY]  For three days this December (12/19, 12/23, 12/31), creative and concerned people in New York City will carry over one hundred unique messages on large, hand-held black and white placards to Wall Street. The activists, members of the arts and activism collective We Will Not Be Silent, will create a visual arresting presence from 9am to 5pm each day, organizing a People’s Picket at significant locations and handing out to the public a series of 20 different postcards containing facts, statements and poetry to provoke thought and conversation about the socio-economic impacts of Wall Street.

Thursday, December 19th »
8:45am:  gather at 60 Wall Street
9:00am-5:00pm: New York Stock Exchange and vicinity.
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Monday, December 23rd »
8:45am:  gather at 60 Wall Street
9:00am-5:00pm: New York Stock Exchange and vicinity.
(Broad Street between Exchange Place & Wall Street)
3:00pm-5:00pm: Federal Reserve. Date marks 100th Anniversary of the Federal Reserve.
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Tuesday, December 31st »
9:00am-5:00pm: New York Stock Exchange and vicinity.
(Broad Street between Exchange Place & Wall Street)
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From 3-5pm on December 31st the group will dedicate their action in solidarity with recently freed Russian political prisoners, Pussy Riot.   Each sharing art & language as core tenants in their direct actions the tribute is a natural fit for the activists who have continued their vigils on Wall Street.  Pussy Riot member Nadezhda Tolokonnikova echoes these sentiments, “I believe that in the end the word will break cement. Solzhenitsyn wrote: “Thus, the word is more essential than cement. Thus, the word is not a small nothing. In this manner, noble people begin to grow, and their word will break cement.”

We Will Not Be Silent is an artist and activist collective that has been in existence since 2006. Through the creative use of language embodied on shirts and on signs held up in public spaces.   We Will Not Be Silent  responds to current social justice issues, encouraging creative, public direct actions where many people can participate.

For more information on these events please contact Laurie Arbeiter at (917)915.6115, Sarah Wellington (201)446.2984 or email info@wewillnotbesilent.net For more information about We Will Not Be Silent you can visit their website HERE


Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee Has Abolished $13.5 Million in Medical Debt, Owned by 2,693 People, in 45 States & Puerto Rico

Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee Has Abolished $13.5 Million in Medical Debt, Owned by 2,693 People, in 45 States & Puerto Rico

[NEW YORK, NY]  Strike Debt, an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street, announced this morning that since the launch of the group’s Rolling Jubilee effort one year ago, it has abolished $13.5 million worth of medical debt owed by 2,693 people across 45 states and in Puerto Rico. This is the third announcement by Strike Debt in the last year which to date has abolished over $14.7 million dollars of medical bills through its Rolling Jubilee project.

The Rolling Jubilee campaign relieves debtors (by buying debt for pennies on the dollar) while building a debt resistance movement. This project highlights the injustice of having to go into debt for basic needs that should be publicly provided, like education and healthcare. “We have been honored to facilitate this effort but understand Rolling Jubilee is a spark, not a solution” said Andrew Ross, a fellow Strike Debt organizer. “Being forced into debt for basic social services is a systemic problem that will require a collective response.”“No one should have to go into debt or bankruptcy because they get sick,” said Laura Hanna, an organizer with Strike Debt, noting that 62% of all personal bankruptcies have medical debt as a contributing factor.

“Debt is the tie that binds the 99 percent,” says Strike Debt member Ann Larson. “Whether you are a student who is delinquent on your student loans, a parent struggling to pay healthcare bills, or living in a community that is cutting vital social services because your city is bankrupt, debt affects everyone.”

Strike Debt chapters in New York, the Bay Area, Austin, Portland and elsewhere are planning celebrations and debtors’ assemblies on Nov 15th.

Strike Debt is working towards building a new kind of collective power in order to challenge exploitation by the financial industry. “Debt is the way we cooperate with Wall Street,” said Thomas Gokey an organizer with Strike Debt, “With the Rolling Jubilee, we’ve demonstrated how little your debts are actually worth. Now that you know this, it’s time to use it as leverage. It’s time to fight back. The Rolling Jubilee needs to roll into larger forms of resistance and outright non-cooperation with Wall Street’s unjust debts.” Looking forward, Strike Debt is laying the groundwork for a debtors’ union capable of collective debt refusal.

Strike Debt/Rolling Jubilee organizers are available for interview. To request an interview please contact Andy Stepanian at andy@sparrowmedia.net or 631.291.3010.

For more information on Strike Debt and the Rolling Jubilee, visit strikedebt.org and rollingjubilee.org

10 Arrests in 87 Minutes: The Anatomy of the NYPD’s Protest Dispersal Process

[NEW YORK, NY]  On the eve of the second anniversary of the Occupy movement, two video activists, have released a 10 minute short film providing perhaps the most detailed civilian account to date of the NYPD’s process of crowd dispersion during mass mobilizations. The video, shot on September 17th, 2012, during Occupy Wall Street’s first anniversary celebration action, details 10 arrests that took place over the span of 87 minutes. While at first glance many of the individual arrests appear to be arbitrary, careful analysis from the videographers illustrates a larger picture wherein the NYPD’s actions are calculated and designed to derail the protestors ability to effectively assemble.

This video is a powerful resource for activists of all stripes in New York City. Please watch it, share it, carefully examine the NYPD’s process in it, and use it to inoculate yourself from their coordinated attempts to stifle your first amendment protections.

“On the eve of the second anniversary of OWS it bears remembering that the occupations didn’t simply fizzle and dissipate,” says Paul Sullivan, who videotaped the police response, “this video, shot last year on the morning of the first anniversary, not only reminds us of how difficult it is to protest when the NYPD is determined to shut you down, but also how the NYPD continues to supress civil liberties in order to stamp out the movement.”

10 Arrests in 87-minutes’ was shot by Paul-Henri Sullivan and edited by him and his brother, Justin. Each were arrested while filming this video and each have had their charges since dismissed.

Strike Debt Announces #LifeorDebt Week of Action with Purchase & Abolition of $1.1 Million Dollars of Medical Debt

Strike Debt Announces #LifeorDebt Week of Action with Purchase & Abolition of $1.1 Million Dollars of Medical Debt

[NEW YORK, NY]  Actions in multiple cities are planned to mark the abolition of 1.1 million dollars of medical debt belonging to 1,064 people by the Rolling Jubilee. This is the second of a series of major purchases by the group, which abolished over $100,000 of debt before the holidays.


March 16-23 Week of Action Highlights that our Nation’s Healthcare Emergencies are a Matter of #LifeorDebt

The Rolling Jubilee is a campaign that buys debt for pennies on the dollar, but instead of collecting it, abolishes it. The Rolling Jubilee launched in November 2012 and went viral, raising almost $600,000 and garnering attention in major media news outlets.

Doctors, nurses, patients, and citizens are coming together to declare a medical emergency:

• Our privatized healthcare system buries ordinary people in debt all to enrich the 1%.

• 62% of personal bankruptcies are linked to medical bills. ¾ of people who declare bankruptcy due to medical bills had health insurance when they incurred those bills.

• 86% of doctors begin their professional lives with medical school debt, a financial burden that pushes them away from serving those who need their help most.

• Community hospitals deemed “unprofitable” are being closed left and right because they have fallen too deeply into debt.

Events will take place other cities. See http://strikedebt.org/#get-involved for updates.

A full update on the campaign is available here: http://strikedebt.org/rjupdate-2/

In New York City there will be two events, on March 21st & March 23rd

March 21st:
Meet at Bryant Park at 4pm,
41 West 40th Street

March 23rd:
Education, legal advice, primary care, referrals & more

9:30am – 1:30pm
Legal Advice & Healthcare
Judson Church,
55 Washington Square South

Online: On March 23rd we will have practitioners on call to answer medical questions live on the internet all day! http://strikedebt.org/lifeordebt/

2pm – 5pm
Meet: Washington Square South

Hosts: Strike Debt, Healthcare for 99%, Physicians for a National Health Program, Occupy Town Square, and others.

5:30pm – 7pm
Judson Church

Strike Debt emerged out of Occupy Wall Street and is dedicated to raising public awareness about predatory debt practices, debt resistance and mutual aid. Initiatives include publishing The Debt Resistors’ Operations Manual, supporting the Occupy Student Debt Campaign, and The Rolling Jubilee, www.strikedebt.org and www.rollingjubilee.org

To schedule an interview with the StrikeDebt organizers, please contact Andy Stepanian at andy@sparrowmedia.net or 631.291.3010.  To view a roundup of media coverage of Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee visit our case study HERE.

Join us for an Exclusive First-Look at ‘The Square’ & for a Discussion of the State of Protest from Cairo to Zuccotti Park

[New York, NY] A unique screening event and panel discussion focusing on the inter-connectivity of global protest movements from Cairo to New York will take place this Wednesday, February 20th, from 6-8pm at The Culture Project, 45 Bleecker St., New York.

Acclaimed Director Jehane Noujaim (Control Room, Rafea, Solar Mama) and award-winning Producer Karim Amer will join retired Philadelphia Police Captain and Occupy Wall Street supporter Ray Lewis and New York Civil Liberties Union Occupy Wall Street Coordinator Katherine Bromberg for a discussion of their new film and the intersections between the popular movements in Cairo and New York.

Extended clips from the 2013 Sundance award-winning film, THE SQUARE, will be shown throughout the event. Panelists will discuss common threads of oppression, injustice and the denial of civil liberties between both countries, in an effort to open dialogue with the audience.

Occupy Wall Street organizers, members and supporters are strongly encouraged to attend, as are journalists, filmmakers, students, lawyers and educators.

Centered in Tahrir Square, the film provides a kaleidoscopic, visceral experience of Egypt’s mass struggle to build a new democracy. Armed with values, determination, music and humor, Egyptian activists show the thorny path to democracy beginning with Hosni Mubarek’s fall.

DOC & DISCOURSE is a new monthly series that allows New Yorkers to watch groundbreaking documentaries created in the common good, and pose questions to the directors, producers and subjects of each film. The series hopes to generate awareness of social injustices and create solutions to these shared national and often global obstacles, be it through advocacy, activism or more creative methods.

WHAT: The State of Protest – From Tahrir Square to Zuccotti Park
WHEN: Wednesday, February 20, 2013 |  6pm-8pm
WHERE: The Culture Project, 45 Bleecker St., New York NY
INFO: THE SQUARE Website | Facebook RSVP

This is a FREE event but all attendees are encouraged to share THE SQUARE’s Kickstarter link on their Facebook pages and twitter accounts!