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Award-Winning Documentary LIFT UP Sets Distribution for Two-Year Anniversary of the Haitian Earthquake

Last year Maurice Mitchell had an amazing idea, to do 100 shows that benefit Haiti all in a completely DIY fashion.  The Sparrow Project was excited to join him in that ultimately successful adventure.  Along the way we met film makers Phillip Knowlton and Huguens Jean who had just finished their feature length documentary chronicling two brothers who travel back to Haiti after the earthquake to pay respects to their grandfather.  Their film, LIFT UP will soon be available digitally through their website — http://liftupmovie.com


“Though this project started with a personal journey, it quickly took on greater significance as it grew to include the narratives of so many survivors,” said Co-Director Huguens Jean. “We’re thrilled their stories will finally be accessible worldwide.”

Poignant, beautiful and unflinchingly human, LIFT UP follows two brothers, Clifford Muse and Huguens Jean, as they return to their native Haiti after the 2010 earthquake to commemorate their grandfather’s passing. The disaster having prevented them from attending the funeral, Clifford and Huguens plan to create a traditional Haitian kite to celebrate the life of the man who molded their childhoods.

Upon arriving in Haiti, they are surprised to find a vibrant nation filled with people committed to sharing their stories. As Clifford and Huguens collect the materials for their kite, they begin to record the experiences of their countrymen, and the scope of their journey expands. Soon musicians, painters, politicians, educators, family and friends are adding their voices and even contributing to Clifford and Huguens’s kite.

Their kite becomes a tapestry, depicting the life of Haiti after the quake. The familiar image of a Haitian child, standing on a roof, his kite soaring above, becomes a metaphor for the people of Haiti: surrounded by danger and standing on shaky ground while their spirits fight the wind, seeking their place in the sky.

Their journey at an end, Clifford and Hugues return to the US and fly their memorial kite at the 44th Annual Smithsonian Kite Festival. Despite mild wind, the kite dances hundreds of feet above the ground as a nation’s soul soars.

35 Seconds – Short Stories From Haiti

Yesterday, Sparrow cofounder & contributor, Andy Stepanian wrote an article for The Huffington Post about a new documentary short by Dustin Miller, Nate Williams & Eric Hires about what life is like in post-earthquake Haiti. There are serious concerns that with a lack of popular media attention that the relief efforts to Haiti will subside during a time when they are needed most.

It has been 9 months since the earthquake and only 2% of the destruction in Port au Prince has been removed, and although promised by the United States None of the $1.1 Billion dollars in relief aide has made it to Haiti; instead it is being held up in congress…

35 Seconds tells deeply personal stories, and is shot in brilliant saturated colors, with an even more breathtaking storyboard. Please take a second to visit Andy’s article over at The Huffington Post, please leave a comment, please the link & video with your friends on facebook, twitter, tumblr, etc.   Most of all, get active to help in Haiti! (below the image is a list of groups that are currently active in the relief efforts, please check them out!)

An excerpt from Andy’s article on The Huffington Post for the full article please click the image above…

35 Seconds” is both a story and an invitation to become part of the renewal. As I write this Dustin, Eric and Nathan are planning their anxious return to Haiti; this time they will focus on supporting Haitian mango farmers and the surrounding communities they sustain. Most of us reading this whether it’s on our laptops, iPhones, in our offices, or via social media websites have some degree of privilege, we can easily re-direct that privilege to the people who still are in need in Haiti. Below is a list of organizations and people just like Dustin, Eric, and Nathan who have taken their privilege and used it to better the lives of those affected by the earthquake, I invite you to do the same.

35 Seconds” will be screening at the Contemporary Art Center of Virginia, in Virginia Beach through November 7th, 2010. To book a screening of “35 Seconds” please contact Flesh Profits Nothing.

These groups make up a fraction of the amazing efforts on the ground in Haiti, please share these links with others, and please get involved!

TheLambi Fund of Haiti supports sustainable agriculture in post earthquake Port au Prince.

Care Humanity Love and Devotement is dedicated to providing grassroots healthcare in Haiti.

Partners in Health is working to build a teaching hospital in central Haiti.

Haitian Women For Haitian Refugeesadvocates for the empowerment of displaced Haitians.

One Hundred For Haiti supports the work of Dr. Jacques Denis’ free medical clinic.