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Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee Has Abolished $13.5 Million in Medical Debt, Owned by 2,693 People, in 45 States & Puerto Rico

Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee Has Abolished $13.5 Million in Medical Debt, Owned by 2,693 People, in 45 States & Puerto Rico

[NEW YORK, NY]  Strike Debt, an offshoot of Occupy Wall Street, announced this morning that since the launch of the group’s Rolling Jubilee effort one year ago, it has abolished $13.5 million worth of medical debt owed by 2,693 people across 45 states and in Puerto Rico. This is the third announcement by Strike Debt in the last year which to date has abolished over $14.7 million dollars of medical bills through its Rolling Jubilee project.

The Rolling Jubilee campaign relieves debtors (by buying debt for pennies on the dollar) while building a debt resistance movement. This project highlights the injustice of having to go into debt for basic needs that should be publicly provided, like education and healthcare. “We have been honored to facilitate this effort but understand Rolling Jubilee is a spark, not a solution” said Andrew Ross, a fellow Strike Debt organizer. “Being forced into debt for basic social services is a systemic problem that will require a collective response.”“No one should have to go into debt or bankruptcy because they get sick,” said Laura Hanna, an organizer with Strike Debt, noting that 62% of all personal bankruptcies have medical debt as a contributing factor.

“Debt is the tie that binds the 99 percent,” says Strike Debt member Ann Larson. “Whether you are a student who is delinquent on your student loans, a parent struggling to pay healthcare bills, or living in a community that is cutting vital social services because your city is bankrupt, debt affects everyone.”

Strike Debt chapters in New York, the Bay Area, Austin, Portland and elsewhere are planning celebrations and debtors’ assemblies on Nov 15th.

Strike Debt is working towards building a new kind of collective power in order to challenge exploitation by the financial industry. “Debt is the way we cooperate with Wall Street,” said Thomas Gokey an organizer with Strike Debt, “With the Rolling Jubilee, we’ve demonstrated how little your debts are actually worth. Now that you know this, it’s time to use it as leverage. It’s time to fight back. The Rolling Jubilee needs to roll into larger forms of resistance and outright non-cooperation with Wall Street’s unjust debts.” Looking forward, Strike Debt is laying the groundwork for a debtors’ union capable of collective debt refusal.

Strike Debt/Rolling Jubilee organizers are available for interview. To request an interview please contact Andy Stepanian at andy@sparrowmedia.net or 631.291.3010.

For more information on Strike Debt and the Rolling Jubilee, visit strikedebt.org and rollingjubilee.org

The Jubilee is Rolling! Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee Is Going Viral With Your Help
strike debt

The Jubilee is Rolling! Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee Is Going Viral With Your Help

[New York, NY] The Sparrow Project is honored to partner with Strike Debt to pitch their Rolling Jubilee story to the media.  In this Rolling Jubilee we are starting to see something transformative develop.  Make no mistake about it this is a huge story, not because of savvy media direction, but because of the moral foundation on which the Strike Debt organizers built the Rolling Jubilee.  Strike Debt’s Rolling Jubilee has received favorable coverage in the pages of the New York Times, Fast Company, Forbes, and other mainstream media outlets.  A complete roundup of media coverage will be posted HERE shortly.


Today’s the day. Invite your friends and invite the world: spread the word via Twitter and Facebook.  We have already abolished over $100,000 in medical debt. Help us abolish millions more.  Join us via live stream at RollingJubilee.org at 8PM EST!

Help us make the People’s Bailout telethon a truly historic event by joining our People’s Mic by getting the word out via social media.


Tweet, post and share all day – use our tools at RollingJubilee.org to tweet at key social media influencers who will help amplify our message.

Watch with your friends. Livestream parties are happening around the country. Here are some tips on throwing a successful live stream party.

Be online during the show. Your online conversations are going to be a key part of the LIVE show.

Our movement has seen an incredible outpouring of support in just a few days. The conversation has begun, affiliates are springing up from coast to coast: Chicago, Detroit, Phoenix, Los Angeles, Oakland, and more. Now it’s time to take the big step and turn that support into action. Invite your friends, and tell the world.


We are happy to announce that our first large purchase of debt has already gone through. We have the paperwork in hand. For $5,000, we cancelled just over $100,000 of medical debt. We have taken a little piece of humanity back from the hands of the creditors. Within weeks these debtors will be receiving a certified letter informing them that their debts have been abolished.

This is just the first step. Tonight a bailout of the people by the people begins. It begins with you.