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Joseph Buddenberg Sentenced to 2 Years in Federal Prison in Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act Case

Joseph Buddenberg Sentenced to 2 Years in Federal Prison in Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act Case

San Diego, CA — This morning in the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of California, Joseph Buddenberg was sentenced to two years in federal prison for Conspiracy to Violate the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act. The sentencing follows his signing a non-cooperating plea agreement in which he plead guilty to conspiring to free thousands of animals from fur farms throughout the U.S. and to cause damage to businesses associated with the fur industry.

No New Animal Lab Fights Back Against Skanska Injunction with Anti-SLAPP Motion to Strike

No New Animal Lab Fights Back Against Skanska Injunction with Anti-SLAPP Motion to Strike

Hillsboro, OR — On January 29th, No New Animal Lab, with representation from the Civil Liberties Defense Center, filed an anti-SLAPP Special Motion to Strike against injunctions filed on behalf of two executives of Skanska USA. Skanska and its key decision makers have been the subject of a year-long protest campaign, organized under the banner of No New Animal Lab, for their $90 million contract to build a large, underground animal research lab for the University of Washington (UW).

Fashion Week Investigation Links Top Brands with Cruelty on Rabbit Farms

NEW YORK, NY — After a two-year undercover investigation of 70 rabbit farms in Spain, Last Chance for Animals (LCA) has evidence linking U.S. designers Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg, as well as international designers Burberry, Dior, Armani, Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton, with cruelty to animals.

A joint investigative effort of animal rights organizations LCA and Animal Equality, was published as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week ramps up in New York City, this investigation into the fur industry turned up widespread abuse, such as:

» Farm workers callously bashing sick rabbits to death
» Crippled, diseased and severely wounded rabbits left to suffer with no medical treatment
» Rabbits forced to live in small, crowded cages with hard metal bars for floors
» Rabbits clubbed in the head or smashed into the ground, then strung up and skinned
» Rabbits only allowed to live 2 years, whereas they naturally live up to 12 years

“Unfortunately, this is not the first time investigators have filmed rampant abuse on fur farms,” said Sharon Nunez, executive director of LCA. “Whether in Finland, China or Spain, the fur industry is always associated with cruelty.”

On hidden camera, representatives from two distribution companies — Francisco Cuberes Escola, owner of fur distributor Curticub, and Lidia Nogue of fur distributor Galaico Catalana — stated that the designers named above buy fur from the investigated farms.

“In the U.S. they use a lot of rabbit fur,” said Nogue (translated from Spanish). “A lot of important American brands use rabbit fur.”

“All the top names — Armani, Yves Saint Laurent — all of them buy from us,” said Escola (also translated from Spanish).

LCA and Animal Equality have created a website, EndFashionCruelty.org, which contains video of the brutality as well as footage of the distributors revealing their client lists. The site also contains a petition to send to the companies named, urging them to stop selling fur.

Last Chance for Animals is an international animal advocacy organization that conducts undercover investigations and launches public awareness campaigns to expose animal cruelty. LCA’s Special Investigations Unit travels the world to document abuse in research labs, puppy mills, factory farms and the entertainment industry. For more information, visit www.LCAnimal.org

National Lawyers Guild Launches Animal Rights Activism Committee

National Lawyers Guild Launches Animal Rights Activism Committee

[NEW YORK, NY]  The National Lawyers Guild (NLG) has formed a committee dedicated to the furtherance of animal liberation issues and defending those imprisoned while fighting for animal rights.  This Thursday, October 3rd at 6pm the NLG Animal Rights Committee will host a launch event for this new committee, at the CCR offices located at 666 Broadway, 6th Floor.  You can RSVP via facebook HERE.

As business-driven designer legislation is eroding what little legal protections are afforded to animals, and simultaneously eviscerating activist’s abilities to effectively organize and advocate for these animals, the NLG has stepped up to filled a much needed role.  The NLG has long been on the cutting edge of social justice, among the first to defend targeted activists, and to broaden its anti-oppression vision.  In this exciting new chapter, the NLG will hopefully expand the radius of their work beyond simply defending the human rights of marginalized voices but also the lending it’s resources towards defending the rights of  voiceless non-human animals.  Speakers at Thursday’s launch will include…

Bina Ahmad
Bina is a Legal Aid criminal defense attorney and long-time social justice activist.  Bina will discuss the intersections between animal rights and broader visions of justice.

Lauren Gazzola
Lauren is a Communications Associate for the Center for Constitutional Rights and a SHAC 7 defendant, who served 40 months in federal prison for her role in the Stop Huntingdon Animal Cruelty campaign to close Huntingdon Life Sciences.   Lauren will discuss the repression of animal rights and environmental activists as part of what many activists refer to as “The Green Scare”.

For more information, to join the committee, or to RSVP for the event, email animalrights@nlg.org

Russell Simmons on Activism, Spirituality & Bold Native

After hosting the New York premiere of Bold Native, the first fiction film about the Animal Liberation Front (ALF), Russell Simmons sits down to talk about veganism, spirituality and radical activism. On the nine billion animals bred, raised and killed for food annually in the U.S., Simmons says, “Aside from all the suffering we’re causing and all the sickness we cause, we’re abusing the planet as well.” He goes on to talk about the difficulty in creating a change in consciousness and the importance of films like Bold Native for doing just that.

To book a screening of Bold Native at your college contact danielle@sparrowmedia.net