Hundreds Will Protest Peter King Friday Over Penning of Controversial Muslim Ban

Hundreds Will Protest Peter King Friday Over Penning of Controversial Muslim Ban

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Massapequa Park, NY – Hundreds of Long Island residents and local organizations will come together on Friday, February 3, 2017 for a demonstration outside the office of Congressman Peter King showing unity against President Donald Trump’s Executive Order banning refugees indefinitely from Syria and temporarily from 6 other Muslim majority countries.

Protestors will march in front of Peter King’s district office to protest his reported role in co-authoring the President’s Executive Order. Groups organizing the rally intend to underscore that Donald Trump’s order is unconstitutional, un-American, and illegal while aiming to unite individuals and organizations against Islamaphobia, xenophobia, and racism.

Protestors will march in solidarity with members of the Muslim community unfairly targeted because of their religious beliefs, and in support of refugees fleeing war-torn countries leaving everything they had with little or nothing on their backs risking their lives in search of a better future.

“Families are being separated and there are real consequences to this ban. I know of people who cannot visit their loved ones who are sick and elderly and this hurts us very badly,” said Habeeb Ahmed of Islamic Center of Long Island. “This country was made great by immigrants so let’s continue that.”

“We will march to uphold American values. America is a nation built by immigrants,” said Liuba Grechen Shirley of NY’s 2nd District Democrats in a press release. “We are all immigrants. Long Islanders call on President Trump to reverse his hateful, anti-refugee and anti-immigrant executive order, and District 2 constituents call on Rep. Peter King to denounce this executive order.”

“President Trump showed his true colors and issued radical, sweeping Executive Order that upend our immigration system and strike at the heart of our American values. These orders create a massive federal and state law enforcement deportation force to track down and deport immigrants and will rip apart American families, destabilize our communities and make us less safe” stated Lisa Tyson Director of the Long Island Progressive Coalition.

WHO: New York’s 2nd District Democrats (NY02Dems), ATLI, The Long Island Progressive Coalition (LIPC), The Islamic Center of Long Island, Long Island Activists

WHEN: Friday, Feb. 3, 2017, 4-6 p.m.

WHERE: Congressman Peter King’s Office, 1003 Park Boulevard, Massapequa Park, NY 11762 {map link}

PUBLIC TRANSIT: Take the Long Island Rail Road from Penn Station, Jamaica, or points east on the Montauk/Babylon line to the Massapequa Park station.




  1. When can people who support this March or would that make us bigots? Misogynists? Xenophobic? Racist? Intolerant?

  2. Homeland security number one priority. Do you people remember 09-11-01? This Long Islander does.

    • Christopher, I begrudgingly approved your comment. I live on Long Island and I assisted the Red Cross (in a very nominal way, moving supplies from Hauppaugue to Ground Zero) during the 9/11 rescue efforts. I am also the grandson of refugees, and have many close friends in the LI Islamic community.

      People are never one thing, this applies to everyone. When we start turning people away that are leaving horrific war zones to build a better life here, we are turning our backs on some of the basic principles the founding fathers of this country baked into the spirit of this democracy. Some may even argue that doing so is a gift to extremists, who for years have framed this global tumult as a war between the west and Islam.

      I ask you, sincerely, do you see this ban as a legitimate way to de-escalate things …or as a fuck you to tens of thousands of people looking to build a life instead of going back to what could be certain death?

    • Uh no. ✋ If they truly care about the safety of our homeland they would do something about all the domestic terrorism we have going on. It’s ridiculous to ignore that white supremacy terrorism is more dangerous to Americans and removing them from hate group lists is sheer stupidity. And if you’re going to bring up 9/11 then don’t be dishonest about it. This has nothing to do with that, otherwise the countries of the hijackers would have been included yet not even one of them was.

      If they want to keep us safe they’ll also look into gun violence and the inadequate help being offered to the mentally ill. And while we’re at it, start figuring out what’s up with the furniture industry since, you know, were more likely to die from furniture accidents than from what you call Islamic radical terrorism. Peace to you. ✌ Let’s make America safe again.

  3. Thank you for all who came in support of immigrants (who were all coming here legally, ahem, to the people holding signs about legal immigration). Thank you to the police officers who kept it civil and kept us safe. And thank you to Matt, a kind gentleman who escorted me, my mom, and my children to our car just to make sure we weren’t harassed. It’s just a shame Peter King had to miss all the fun.

    • Legal immigrants are all welcome and are all hard workers wanting the best for there families Illegal don’t pay taxes for schools and federal taxes and get more social handouts than tax paying citizens Do really think this is fair Pull your heads out of the sand They work on the corner for $150 a day plus lunch and no taxes Thats $750 cash no state no federal no ss payment and get all the perks priceless

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