Fashion Week Investigation Links Top Brands with Cruelty on Rabbit Farms

NEW YORK, NY — After a two-year undercover investigation of 70 rabbit farms in Spain, Last Chance for Animals (LCA) has evidence linking U.S. designers Marc Jacobs and Diane Von Furstenberg, as well as international designers Burberry, Dior, Armani, Yves Saint Laurent and Louis Vuitton, with cruelty to animals.

A joint investigative effort of animal rights organizations LCA and Animal Equality, was published as Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week ramps up in New York City, this investigation into the fur industry turned up widespread abuse, such as:

» Farm workers callously bashing sick rabbits to death
» Crippled, diseased and severely wounded rabbits left to suffer with no medical treatment
» Rabbits forced to live in small, crowded cages with hard metal bars for floors
» Rabbits clubbed in the head or smashed into the ground, then strung up and skinned
» Rabbits only allowed to live 2 years, whereas they naturally live up to 12 years

“Unfortunately, this is not the first time investigators have filmed rampant abuse on fur farms,” said Sharon Nunez, executive director of LCA. “Whether in Finland, China or Spain, the fur industry is always associated with cruelty.”

On hidden camera, representatives from two distribution companies — Francisco Cuberes Escola, owner of fur distributor Curticub, and Lidia Nogue of fur distributor Galaico Catalana — stated that the designers named above buy fur from the investigated farms.

“In the U.S. they use a lot of rabbit fur,” said Nogue (translated from Spanish). “A lot of important American brands use rabbit fur.”

“All the top names — Armani, Yves Saint Laurent — all of them buy from us,” said Escola (also translated from Spanish).

LCA and Animal Equality have created a website,, which contains video of the brutality as well as footage of the distributors revealing their client lists. The site also contains a petition to send to the companies named, urging them to stop selling fur.

Last Chance for Animals is an international animal advocacy organization that conducts undercover investigations and launches public awareness campaigns to expose animal cruelty. LCA’s Special Investigations Unit travels the world to document abuse in research labs, puppy mills, factory farms and the entertainment industry. For more information, visit



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  1. Truly horrible.

  2. Thanks to LCA for having the courage to do these investigations. It would break my heart. I despair at the callousness of these people and their appalling behaviour

  3. I am a Vegan makeup artist. I am so glad to see this transparency in the fashion world, I am constantly looking for this exposure and a revolutionary compassionate movement within the art and culture fashion communities. What a positive step.

  4. sick,sick,sick, put a stop to it NOW!!!

  5. Fully unnecessary to use fur for fashion.Let’s boykott these brands and be an advocate for the animals.

  6. That’s unacceptable, so important this investigation work to help our society to raise awareness about animal suffering.

  7. Of all the brands named by the owners from the linked companies,
    three of them haven’t given a statement, and Marc Jacobs, Diane Von
    Furstenberg, Burberry although they might have now broken their
    relationships with the farms investigated, they haven’t sated that they
    have NEVER dealed or been connected in the past in any way directly or indirectly, to Curticub. This is the reality of where fur comes from:

  8. The above names were all mentioned in the video I urge these companies to re check all their sources and send in officials uninvited to see the treatment for themselves. Why do people feel the need to wear animal fur in the first place when quality non fur items are readily available. Just ban the use of fur full stop. Animals should not be bred in anyway for this purpose.for lives that are doomed to a life of a miserable exsistance!

  9. Sickens me that those poor rabbits suffer and die in the name of fashion
    fur belongs on animals not people.

  10. Please stop animal abuse!

  11. It is time to stop imposing cruel treatments on sentient beings just for the sake of fashion !

  12. So sick and horrible

  13. Disgusting… Especially in the name of fashion… All for a profit… Really?! Get with it!

  14. Will never be able to comprehend how cruel+greedy the human race is!!!we will surely pay for all thisl one day!

  15. Should be banned altogether. All animals have a right to live. Not skinned and not suffer so much pain. All you celebs that wear fur have blood on your hands. And who wear fur are scum. And should be made to watch animals that suffer with so much cruelty. It has to be stopped now. Wearing a dead animal on your back is disgusting and so very cruel

  16. This has to stop. Their is NO reason for it at all.

  17. This is disgusting!!

  18. Please stop animal torture, abuses , cruelty !!!

  19. I am all about fashion and nice clothes but not at the expense and torture of animals! This is disgusting and heartbreaking. Anybody who sees this and continues to wear fur of any kind should have their head examined….Beautiful animals dying to make ugly people feel good………Disgusting!!!!!! These people should see what it feels like to be skinned alive I didnt expect to see this traumatising picture in my feed but that’s the reality behind fur industry which the world often turn on the blind side and ignore. Humans are so intelligent and technologies are so advanced now that we don’t need to go back to the primitive solution to stay warm, killing for fashion is so cruel beyond words. People who wear furs are very ignorant. This image should go on every fur product swing tags just like how they did with the cancerous organs images on cigarette packagings. Signed…….

  20. stop this cruel!!!

  21. Stop the cruelty we don’t need fur the animals due stop just thinking about the money I an boycotting your stores and so will a lot of people

  22. Cotton and things like polyester materials are the virtually the same only there’s no torturing of innocent animals behind the scene. What’s wrong with fake fur. Why do people think this makes them better as they support torture by wearing fur. Signed!

  23. This is beyond animal abuse… Stop this suffering and inhumane acts now. The only statement some one is making when they wear fur is that they are cruel and heartless… They should walk with their heads hung in shame…

  24. Stop using live animals for your paycheck if you were these animals you would want to be tortured in this manner. You live the good life have compassion and respect for all life

  25. Stop hurt them!!

  26. Stop this madness.

  27. This needs to STOP

  28. This needs to be stopped now!!!! They were not put on the earth for humans to abuse it sickens me we have plenty of other resorses we can use for cloths we don’t need to kill these beautiful animals.

  29. We really need to stop hurting animals for our convenience

  30. I hope each and everyone sees this and takes heed/

  31. Please stop abusing animals .They are our friends not things we can use

  32. I think killing animals for fur is barbaric and cruel. There are so many fake furs available that look like the real thing, it just doesn’t make sense to continue torturing rabbits or any other animal for that matter. I urge all fashion houses to discontinue buying furs from these torture farms.

  33. EndFashionCruelty

  34. Save these sweet babies! Please! <3

  35. Stop hurting animals in name of fashion. Is not etical, its cruel and innecessary to hurt animals Stop in the name of the humanity.

  36. Highest duty of man is to end animal cruelty. Emile Zola

  37. Stop killing animals for human vanity !!!!!!!!!!

  38. Please, i God´s name, Please stop these monsters from torturing poor, innocent souls!
    True crueldom can´t be hidden behind nice fur!!!!

  39. Stop all killing animal…..
    Stop all animal cruelty……
    Should put all animal killers to jail &
    20 stroke cane…….

  40. ……………………

  41. It is time to stop this evil practice!

  42. Enough with the torture of animals worldwide!!! We need their fur as much as they need our skin

  43. Fucking insane people

  44. I’m only in 6th grade and i’m doing a project and five minute speech on Animal Rights. I’m 11 and I know this is so terrible and wrong. PLEASE world make this not be a thing

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