10 Arrests in 87 Minutes: The Anatomy of the NYPD’s Protest Dispersal Process

[NEW YORK, NY]  On the eve of the second anniversary of the Occupy movement, two video activists, have released a 10 minute short film providing perhaps the most detailed civilian account to date of the NYPD’s process of crowd dispersion during mass mobilizations. The video, shot on September 17th, 2012, during Occupy Wall Street’s first anniversary celebration action, details 10 arrests that took place over the span of 87 minutes. While at first glance many of the individual arrests appear to be arbitrary, careful analysis from the videographers illustrates a larger picture wherein the NYPD’s actions are calculated and designed to derail the protestors ability to effectively assemble.

This video is a powerful resource for activists of all stripes in New York City. Please watch it, share it, carefully examine the NYPD’s process in it, and use it to inoculate yourself from their coordinated attempts to stifle your first amendment protections.

“On the eve of the second anniversary of OWS it bears remembering that the occupations didn’t simply fizzle and dissipate,” says Paul Sullivan, who videotaped the police response, “this video, shot last year on the morning of the first anniversary, not only reminds us of how difficult it is to protest when the NYPD is determined to shut you down, but also how the NYPD continues to supress civil liberties in order to stamp out the movement.”

10 Arrests in 87-minutes’ was shot by Paul-Henri Sullivan and edited by him and his brother, Justin. Each were arrested while filming this video and each have had their charges since dismissed.



  1. Paul! This is Linda, the woman who sat next to you in the police bus, after we were arrested. Love this video! In fact, wasn’t going to come down for this year’s S17 but I got this today, wasn’t able to watch more than the first few minutes before I changed my mind. Am on a bus to NYC now. You going to be there? Did you get audio of me on the bus? I went forward with my court case & won, want to do a civil case. Could you email me please? I’d like to connect. Hope you’re good!

  2. Invaluable. Thank you.

  3. Excellent. Thank you for filming & showing what I’ve witnessed many times over.

  4. An article by Emily Brosious shows that the Chicago police are working out of the same playbook as the NYPD.
    Charges Dropped for Anti-ALEC Activists

  5. Very eye opening. I see nothing changing while this suppression exists.

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