Former Political Prisoner David McKay will Confront FBI Informant Brandon Darby at Lincoln Center Documentary Premiere

Former Political Prisoner David McKay will Confront FBI Informant Brandon Darby at Lincoln Center Documentary Premiere

[NEW YORK, NY]  Journalists and activists are invited to a free special advance screening of and discussion of INFORMANT, the documentary portrait of of Brandon Darby, former radical activist turned FBI informant, Wednesday, September 11, 7:30pm, at the Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center, Amphitheater, 144 W. 65th St., in NYC.  This is the first time that Darby (in person) and David McKay (via Skype), will discuss the complete story of Brandon’s role as an FBI informant and the series of events that led to McKay’s imprisonment. The discussion will be moderated by NPR contributor Michael May.

In 2005, Darby became an overnight hero when he traveled to Katrina-devastated New Orleans and braved toxic floodwaters to rescue a stranded friend. Soon after, he co-founded Common Ground, a successful grassroots relief organization. But over the next few years, he began hiding a shocking secret. After two young protestors, David McKay and Bradley Crowder, were arrested at the 2008 Republican National Convention, Darby revealed he had been instrumental in their indictment as an FBI informant. Today, having renounced his radical past, he is a tea-party darling who writes regularly for the right-leaning website

The only film with access to Darby since his public confession, INFORMANT meticulously constructs a picture of his life – before and after the many death threats he has received – through interviews and tense reenactments starring Darby himself. Darby’s version of events is accompanied – and often contradicted – by evidence from acquaintances and expert commentators, posing complicated questions about trust and the nature of reality. As David Hanners of St. Paul Pioneer Press suggests, “When you interview people about Brandon Darby, you realize that everyone has a different idea of who he is.”

In addition to trying to unlock the mystery of Brandon Darby, INFORMANT offers a powerful insider look at the hidden use of informants in contemporary America – an especially timely issue in light of the recent leaks about government surveillance.

WHERE: Elinor Bunin Munroe Film Center, Amphitheater, 144 W. 65th St., New York
WHEN: Wednesday, September 11, 7:30pm

First come, First served, Admission not guaranteed*



  1. No comment other than I hope to make the event and look forward to seeing the debate. I’ve already seen the film.

  2. can’t wait to see it.

  3. i would like to know if there is a live stream link for this event?


  4. Is there a security checkpoint? Just curious.

  5. I would love the opportunity to bring up when Brandon tried to set me up as well…..while volunteering at common ground, Brandon, Cassidy and myself were at a bar, Brandon took all of our phones, and took his belt off, put them in front of speakers at the bar, told Cassidy and myself that he wanted us (Cass and me) to start a group called the August 29th group, wanted us to plan out attacking tour busses in the lower 9th ward. He told us to come up with a plan, then set up a meeting with him to tell him the details………..I could have been Brandon’s pawn, if I were dumb enough to do what he told me…… me if there is anyway I can confront him at the show tonight.

    Andy Howell………..(REDACTED)

  6. @snitches I believe there will be some sort of security presence. I also would encourage everyone to give the floor to David and not disrupt the event as this is a unique opportunity to hold Brandon Darby accountable.

  7. Will someone please ask Brandon Darby why he has never gotten around to actually suing me for suggesting that he sounds exactly like the SWAT caller? He promised to do that last Summer, but I am still waiting. That story has some fascinating parallels to his turncoat informing on McKay. In both cases, Darby seems to have been trying to sow chaos and make things worse so he could inflate himself.

  8. I don’t think Brandon is a radical thinker turned Tea Partier. He’s a narcissist who panders to whatever group will massage his giant ego.

  9. I also hope folks will keep in mind that David has been pretty estranged from many of the other folks affected by this situation and he only speaks for himself. Not everyone thinks this bro-off is a good idea or will be particularly insightful.

    • Dearest J,
      Hasn’t David been through enough already, with the betrayal and his prison sentence, without you calling his first public appearance since his release a “bro-off”? You should be ashamed of yourself.

  10. will a livestream be available…and has a hash tag been started for twitcher?

  11. He wanted me to gather info on where the Death Row Drugs were made.So he could set up an attack.

  12. This guys a rat piece of shit , snitching on kids , pussy

  13. Noone likes a rat.
    But at what point does informing cross the line between being a rat and a hero?
    If someone tells me of a plot to blow something up and people will die am i not a hero for reporting and saving those people? If a child hears his friend say he is gonna bring a gun into school tomorrow is that child a rat or hero if he reports it and children are saved?
    For most of us who were not there to assume either way is ridiculous. After watching the documentary i believe both involved parties did some really dumb s@#*.
    That being said if even one cop got to go home to his kids because of what Brandon did then i say good job and thank you.

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