Coalition of Activists & Occupiers Announce Plan to Crash David Koch’s Southhampton Fundraiser for Mitt Romney

Coalition of Activists & Occupiers Announce Plan to Crash David Koch’s Southhampton Fundraiser for Mitt Romney

[SOUTHHAMPTON, NY] At 4pm on July 8th, 2012 a diverse coalition of activists and occupiers from across New York will descend upon a fundraiser for presidential candidate Mitt Romney at the Southhampton home of billionaire David Koch. Citing the ever-growing and pervasive influence of Koch Industries’ money on our electoral system, organizers from Occupy Wall Street, The Long Island Progressive Coalition, Greenpeace, Move to Amend [Brookhaven], ALIGN NY, Art Not War, Strong For All,, United New York, Occupy Storefront and Occupy Huntington, Long Island, have announced that they will take action to non-violently disrupt the fundraiser at David Koch’s shorefront estate located at 880 Meadow Lane in Southhampton.

While Romney plans on attending 3 fundraisers that day in the Hamptons the demonstrators have made it clear that the Koch Estate will remain their only target. The coalition of activists initially assembled by the End Corporatism Affinity Group of Occupy Wall Street will be taking a non-partisan stance, uniting around a unified message that corporate money is exponentially diluting and subverting our democratic process (a phenomenon not limited to one single party.) To the demonstrators, David and Charles Koch embody everything that is wrong with money in politics.

“The Long Island Progressive Coalition is busy coordinating a network of Long Island groups who won’t stand by while their backyard is used for Koch and Romney to fund a regressive political agenda,” says Lisa Tyson, director to the Long Island Progressive Coalition.

In 2011 Charles and David Koch announced their intentions to raise and spend $200,000,000 on whomever would run against President Obama. Also, in 2011 while on a retreat for supporters of Koch Industries and their political arm, American’s for Prosperity, Charles Koch was secretly recorded while addressing the group. “This is the mother of all wars we’ve got over the next 18 months. For the life or death of this country …if you want to kick in a billion, believe me,” says Koch “we’ll have especial seminar just for you.”

But it’s not just the money that has sent protestors into a frenzy across the country, it’s also the Koch agenda. David and Charles Koch are seen by the protestors as the architects behind Wisconsin’s challenge to the collective bargaining rights of unions. They have also actively financed public relations campaigns aimed at dispelling climate change. According to Kert Davies, the director for research for Greenpeace the Kochs have spent more than $50 million since 1998 on “various front groups and think tanks who … oppose the consensus view that climate change is real, urgent and we have to do something about it.” Moreover, Koch Industries remains a driving lobbying force behind the controversial Keystone XL tarsands pipeline, a project opposed by the President as well as environmental and native groups across North America.

Protestors will assemble at 3pm at the public parking lot at Southhampton’s Cooper’s Beach (located at 286 Meadow Lane, Southhampton) and at 4pm march with banners and creative visuals to the home of David Koch (located at 880 Meadow Lane, Southhampton) a map with expected protest locations is provided below.

*Busses will be provided for protestors from New York City who wish to attend. These buses will depart from New York’s Union Square at 12pm and arrive in Southhampton by 3pm. To reserve a spot on the bus please reply via facebook HERE.

*Activists from Long Island and others driving from points west are encouraged to utilize the free parking at Stonybrook University’s Southampton Campus which is located at 65 Tuckahoe Road, Southampton. From here, people will be shuttled to a meeting point near the Koch house. For more information on parking, contact

WHAT: Protest Against Mitt Romney Fundraiser at Home of David Koch
WHERE: 880 Meadow Lane, Southhampton, NY 11968
WHEN: Sunday, July 8th, 4pm



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  1. I’d give ANYTHING to be able to join you, but I simply can’t afford to fly from California. I’ll be glued to the news on the 8th and want to thank you so much for advising us, and I also thank EACH AND EVERY ACTIVIST who participates!

    God Bless you ALL!

    • I lived in East Hampton for a few years. Most folks there are liberal and good folks. Southhampton is a prime spot for Republican/conservative tea baggers and I wish I could be there, too. Making a statement in the Koch Brothers backyard is awesome. Much success and be careful!

    • Mitt and Koch have billion’s.(trillions) If we cannot physically attend perhaps somewhere to send monetary support. So where? Margaret Mead said things to the effect of it only takes a handful of thoughtful people to effect change,indeed that is the only way it’s ever been done.What would she say in our police state.Indeed, the only time Jesus got physically violent was when he threw out the money changers.


  3. There must be somebody around who has or can hire a small (preferably noisy) plane to fly over the party with a big banner and maybe drop stuff out of the thing (glitter?? or messages or ????) …for that matter, this would be a great place to try out a drone or 2…

  4. I’m looking @ KITES with banners, etc. REALLY WANT 2 NET WORK WITH CT PEOPLE ON THIS!

  5. Best of luck. Be careful. Take care of each other. Is the beach public in front of the house?

    • Yes the beach is public in front of his house, but only up until the high tide line. Most of the demonstrators will assemble on Meadow Lane near his driveway though.

  6. The prevailing wind will drive sound inland from the beach and the gathering is certain to be on the seaward side of the house. They’ll naturally look towards the sea view. I imagine the security will be very tight. Maybe they are such wusses they never go outside. Do you best.

    I find it difficult to believe this fundraiser is real. It might be a decoy event or location.

    We toyed with the Idea of doing a protest in front of Mark Sanford’s beach house years ago.

  7. Just curious, did you all protest the fundraiser at Sarah Jessica Parker’s? Or the one given by George Clooney? Just asking. No disrespect intended.

    • None taken. Not George Clooney’s fundraiser, but this affinity did participate in an action outside of the Amsterdam Theatre when Barack Obama & Bill Clinton were hosting a large fundraiser. Specifically that was coordinated by (DELETED FOR ERROR) CORRECTION “F THE BANKS” affinity group. Sarah Jessica Parker’s house was also protested by a handful of people but no where near the attendance of that at the Amsterdam Theatre protest.

      We really want to try to hold both parties accountable to their promises and their misdeeds.

      • The Sarah Jessica Parker Obama fundraiser was an action of F the Banks, NOT occupy the sec

  8. I know plenty of people running for office, including Republicans, who would like to end this stuff. Raising funds is degrading for the candidate and consumes most of the energy of the campaign. Mitt Romney will spend Sunday sucking up to arrogant people with money, the very thing you become a millionaire to avoid. No one who wants to be President would want to go around begging people richer than they are for money. However much he tries to fake it, it is a safe bet Mitt won’t be having any fun Sunday. I’ll bet if you got Mitt and Obama in a room and offered them a deal where they got a bus, gas and security to run a campaign and promised them they would never have to raise another dime that they would take it. The only people really liking this system are the very wealthy who can now buy the ultimate possession, power.

  9. The middle class in the USA still haven’t worked out that the reason their situation exists is because of the Republicans and all their cronies, such as the Koch Brothers. Democracy was hijacked a long time ago, and the Citizens United ruling sealed the fate. Politicians are bought and sold. The rich are only interested in progressing their own interests and stripping everything possible from the middle class and why? The middle class allow them to do it. Remember it was the Federal workers, firemen, teachers and nurses who caused the GFC and economic woes in the USA! There should be 20 million at this protest, not 20,000! What are the coppers going to do then? A vote for Romney, the middle class might as well put their hands around their own throats and strangle themselves, saves the 1% not having to do it.

  10. i would love to go to be a thorn in the side of david koch and his repukelicans,,,i have physical problems that keep me from walking a long time….i do have a wheelchair though…call me @347-962-5024 if i can be assisted

  11. GO GROUP GO…can’t make it, problem at house, my heart is with you and all those who oppose Romney.

  12. Today is July 19th – WHAT HAPPENED??? I keep getting updates of the announcement for the action, BUT NO UPDATES! We’re dying to know out here in CA. Please, Sparrow?

    Thank You.

  13. So sorry I missed this. Just saw the post. Awesome idea.

  14. Hi Everyone,

    A long overdue update to this action has been posted HERE, please share it, etc.

    Please share! If David & Charles Koch want a fight, we’ll give them one!