The Homeland Battlefield: ‘Hedges v. Obama’ Lawsuit Challenging NDAA Begins in NYC

The Homeland Battlefield: ‘Hedges v. Obama’ Lawsuit Challenging NDAA Begins in NYC

New York, NY —  The first rounds of statements from seven high-profile plaintiffs suing President Barack Obama, Attorney General Eric Holder, Defense Secretary Leon Panetta, House Speakers and DOD Representatives for injunctive relief barring the implementation of the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA)‘s “Homeland Battlefield” provisions of indefinite detention and suspension of Habeus Corpus will be heard in federal court today, March 29, 2012.

The hearings will begin at 9am at the US District Court Building at 500 Pearl Street in Manhattan (Room 15A) and will be immediately followed by a press conference outside the court at 2:30pm  beside the center statue at nearby Foley Square (Junction of Center Street & Federal Plaza map link).  Taking questions at the press conference will be Pulitzer Prize winning journalist and plaintiff Chris Hedges, film maker Michael Moore, author Naomi Wolf, lead counsel for the plaintiffs Carl Mayer, as well as other plaintiffs and their activist supporters.  At 3pm, following the press conference, activists with Occupy Wall Street are expected to stage at the square for an anti-NDAA protest action.

The plaintiffs in Hedges v. Obama include: New York Times war correspondent Chris Hedges,  Pentagon Papers whistleblower Daniel Ellsberg, celebrated writer and linguist Noam Chomsky, Icelandic parliamentarian Birgitta Jonsdottir, Tangerine Bolen founder of the activist media group RevolutionTruth, Occupy London activist Kai Wargalla, and Alexa O’Brien founder  of the web campaign “US Day of Rage.”  Each of the plaintiffs share common narrative that their constitutionally protected work, either in activism or in journalism will be chilled by the over-broad provisions set forth under the NDAA.  Naomi Wolf and Dr. Cornel West are in the process of becoming plaintiffs in this lawsuit; Wolf will read her statement in court today.

“I have had dinner more times than I can count with people whom this country brands as terrorists. But that does not make me one,” said Hedges “if there is no rolling back of the NDAA law we cease to be a constitutional democracy. Totalitarian systems always begin by rewriting the law. They make legal what was once illegal.” He continued, “Crimes become patriotic acts. The defense of freedom and truth becomes a crime. Foreign and domestic subjugation merges into the same brutal mechanism. Citizens are colonized. And it is always done in the name of national security. We obey the new laws as we obeyed the old laws, as if there was no difference. And we spend our energy and our lives appealing to a dead system.”

“The Homeland Battlefield Law is as Orwellian as its name implies.  America is not a “battlefield”; it is a democratic republic.  This law is unconstitutional because it violates the free speech and due process rights of American citizens” says Carl Mayer, lead attorney on the case.

You can read or print a copy of the plaintiffs lawsuit at THIS LINK  the text of the NDAA in it’s entirety is available at THIS LINK.  For more information on the case and it’s plaintiffs visit




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  1. These Repressive Laws are being sought by this Administration in order to further secure the damaging Economic Model Changes made by g.h.w.Bush and Bill Clinton dismantling our Trade & Labor Law so to then allow our Nations Business to Unemploy the American Workforce , De Fund the Tax Payers, De Fund our Consumer Economy and De Fund our Government at all Levels.. for a Stock Investors Scheme going under the Names of WTO _ NAFTA _ BILDERBERG GROUP _ CARLYLE GROUP _ G-8 .

    Our Historic National Wealth Generating Ability – large domestic mfg. for Export Sales was Targeted by Bush to be Stripped out of our Economic Fabric .. entire Corporate Divisions handed over to Communist Red China & Dicatorship Workforces creating Unsolvable U.S. Unemployment – The Worst Unemployment in Our Nations History and current Administration Apparatus generating ” Inaccurate Unemployment Figures ” touting Drops in Unemployed Americans .. significant drops which do not in reality exist:

    Our Nation is on an Economic Path toward that akin to an Emerged Third ‘world Economy:

    1 i 3 Americans are Now In Poverty
    1 in 3 American Children are Now in Poverty

    We generate on average 400,000 New Unemployed Americans Every 30 Days for the Past 4 Consecutive Years – it is SO bad this Administration has taken to generating False Economic Data in an attempt to cover over their Betrayal of Office, Betrayal in Managing the Nations Economy .. on behalf of the Nation .. not Campaign Contributors.

    The Dismantling of Our Long Standing Trade & Labor Law by Bill Clinton to ‘ Legalize ‘ OFF SHORING American Employment .. amounts to Racketeering Legislation against the Economic Stability & Security of Our Nation.


    • The NDAA is the annual authorization for spending by the U.S. Department of Defense.

      Unfortunately, since the Republicans have controlled the House of Representatives for most of the past 18 years (except for the recent 2007-20010 years), the annual appropriations bill for DOD has become a “Christmas tree” of earmarks and vaguely germaine items like their worst of the bunch in this present NDAA.

      Vetoing the NDAA would only lead to more irrational actions in Congress and most likely a crippling shutdown of at least the DOD, if not all of the U.S., Government.

      Remember the Gingrich tantrum trail that led to the shutdown of the U.S. government back in the 1990’s in the midst of his attempt to impeach Clinton while he himself was doing the same thing in his office (with his present wife- then his employee) reportedly at his desk, not even caring enough for the citizens of this country to hide in a room away from his office.

      These mistakes that are causing so much grief amongst us can not be corrected (hopefully in the 2013 NDAA) by the change in House leadership from Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy.

      • POINT OF CLARIFICATION: The lawsuit is not asking for a veto of the NDAA, but rather is a prayer for injunctive relief specifically asking that the “Homeland Battlefield” provisions (suspension of habeus corpus, changing of terror language) within the NDAA are restrained and ultimately rewritten.

        It only targets the subsections that effect indefinite detentions & the restructuring of terror language.

  2. God bless you Mr Hedges and all others involved in taking this action against the tyrannous TREASONOUS Barack Obama! If the judge isn’t corrupt you will undoubtedly win…

  3. That last line should read:

    “These mistakes that are causing so much grief amongst us can not be corrected until (hopefully in the 2013 NDAA) a change in House leadership from Boehner, Cantor and McCarthy to Democratic leadership.

  4. Is it possible for ordinary citizen’s to join this law suit as Plaintiff’s? What Hedges and the others are doing is truly patriotic in best sense of the much-overused word.

  5. Thank you to American citizens, who are listed as the plaintiffs, for fighting for those aware of violations, it seems we need to pay close attention to. It seems to me, America doesn’t pass these kinds of laws because of the very nature we believe our country to be, “land of the free.” I will want to know more.

  6. Do not allow anyone to violate our basic human rights.

  7. On the evening of May 10, 2012 between the hours of 8:45PM to 10:15PM my home was invaded by at least four military men while my husband was away at work till 10:30PM. The men had the intent to kill but I survived by hiding in my own home. This event occurred prior to the signing of the National Defense Bill. I am an average American citizen and I am not a criminal, terrorist or associated with any illegal organization. They entered unlawfully and for no reason and was an abuse of power and a violation of my civil rights. The scars will never go away of this horrific event. An event that took place in a middle-class neighborhood. There is no reason for this – except an experimental exercise. If this can happen to me it can happen to anyone. I have contacted ACLU and the media but falls on death ears and I can provide proof of evidence. I just want my family and I to have a normal life again. This act in the wrong hands is a green light for abuse of power and violation of what our country stands for. I am an average American woman who loves her country but this is appalling.

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