NYHC Makes Call to Occupy Wall Street This Friday at 3pm!

NYHC Makes Call to Occupy Wall Street This Friday at 3pm!



Its not often that everything seems to fall right into place, but Tuesday marked one of those synergistic moments for the Sparrow Project as Andy Stepanian was asked to join Black N’ Blue Productions on East Village Radio to discuss the Occupy Wall Street campaign. Joining Andy was the infamous punk rock lawyer Dave Stein, Cromags frontman John Joseph, and documentarian Clayton Patterson. Cousin Joe, Damian Burnz and Jonathan Buske of Black N’ Blue Productions (who host the show) had a simple demand for their listeners — to pay attention to what is happening right now on Wall Street and to do the right thing as a community and get involved with the occupation actions this Friday at 3pm.

< If you missed the live broadcast you can stream it on EVR at THIS LINK.

Music has always been a powerful media to influence social change. From the gospel music sung by civil rights protestors to the anti-war protest folk songs of the 1960’s, music has always been at the heart of movements banging the drum to march forward. NYC’s hardcore punk scene has for quite some time been a swelling organized force of angst and solidarity, but not an overtly political force, until Tuesday when Bn’B dedicated their broadcast to the importance of the protest actions on Wall Street, demanding that the scene step up to the plate and fight for the rights of the 99% of americans carrying the burden of Wall Street’s assault on our democracy.


At 3pm on Friday join John Joseph of the Cromags, Damian Burnz of Scarhead, Vinnie Stigma of Agnostic Front, Clayton Patterson, Cousin Joe, Jonathan Buske, and Andy Stepanian as they rally a NYHC contingent in support of the Occupation. The group will be joining Michael Moore, Lupe Fiasco and the amazing activists who have already set up camp at Liberty Square and dedicated themselves to an occupation encampment modeled after the historic encampment at Tahir Square in Egypt.


This protest movement is ongoing and we encourage everyone reading this to spend some time down at the square. This is just an open invitation to join some of NYHC’s most celebrated figures for a few hours of protest. The Sparrow Project will also be filming the days events and posting them online at https://sparrowmedia.net so please check back in the next few days. For those who live to far away to participate we encourage you to visit http://occupywallst.org and learn about how you can start your own solidarity actions where you live.

Troy Davis: A Circle of Prayer

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Troy Davis: A Circle of Prayer



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    • Can anyone confirm if the police plaza occupation is going on?…links, etc?

      We don’t want to be leading first-time protestors into a rough situation, & we want to keep the confrontations to a minimum.


  2. This is besides the point, but the photo is not of a Wall Street protest, but rather Charlie Chaplin and Douglas Fairbanks encouraging people to buy liberty bonds in 1918.

    • Thanks Jason,

      Duly noted and corrected. Its a bit of a bummer to learn about that considering the context the image was used in.


      • you know even though the photo is for the sale of liberty bonds, it was considered a patriotic duty to support the war effort of WW1. In a way this is a war effort and our patriotic duty to support the realization that we have to do something to change the way things are going. We need to stand up and support whether it was as in that picture for the purchase of liberty bonds or the peaceful protestation of what is going on/ has been going on now. I think that that image can still speak equally for both. Is it not our patriotic right to speak up for ourselves and bring awareness to what is happening. Is it not our right to send forth a call to the masses and stand up for our rights our causes our beliefs rally forth

  3. This aussie is glad to be in town & see ya tomz! Already done a visit down thete and posted photos for friends around the world.

  4. it was a good years!!!we go back just a moment, thank’s!!

  5. Hi everybody,
    I support you from France. Long live NYHC

  6. You’re NOT the voice of nyhc. You don’t speak for anyone but yourself. I like John, nin, etc. But they aren’t nyhc either. They were part of it like we all were. But none of you speak for any of us. I dont believe in this loserfest.

    • I dont think anyone here was claiming to be “The voice of NYHC” simply look at our website I think this was the only time hardcore punk was mentioned. Nor do I think some of the folks who organized today’s contingent were so bold as to say that they were the voice of NYHC either.

      There were a very diverse group of people down there today ranging from trade union workers, to people doing construction at the trade center, to authors, artists, and your standard “hippy protestors.”

      I am not sure what constitutes a “loserfest” but I sure was stoked to be a part of it.

  7. this is what it’s about. standing up for what you believe in, fighting the system, speaking your mind and i can’t be anymore proud to be a part of the NYHC scene…this is what we sing about and here’s a chance to put our words into action. great job organizing this guys and spreading the word.

  8. Great to see NYHC take part in the occupation! @Exit, you Sir are a douchebag loser! #OCCUPYWALLSTREET