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Day September 17, 2011

Activists Vow To Occupy Wall Street #occupywallstreet

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A national call to action for an impromptu mobilization to reclaim Wall Street on September 17th is currently underway.  Taking inspiration from the Arab Spring affinity groups aligned with decentralized groups like Anonymous as well as more mainstreamed outlets like Adbusters are taking to the streets with myriad demands ranging from Wall Street reforms to a complete end to campaign finance and manipulation from the financial sector.  The Global Revolution Movement has provided a live webcast of the actions happening on and around Wall Street. You can view the broadcast  HERE.

All the groups involved have pledged to maintain this occupation as long as possible, specifically Adbusters is calling for the occupation to last for months…

“On September 17, we want to see 20,000 people flood into lower Manhattan, set up tents, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months. Once there, we shall incessantly repeat our one simple demand until Barack Obama capitulates.”  -Adbusters

A little over a month ago Sparrow Media contributor Stephanie Basil helped outline Wall Street’s manipulative response to attempts by governing bodies to regulate their misconduct their and determined that their push back has created an environment  where corporations can operate with even less scrutiny then before our financial crisis began.  In this lack of oversight corporations continue to destroy the environment, exploit workers, exploit animals, and citizens as they forward their agendas.  You can read Stephanie’s article HERE.To learn more about the ongoing campaign to occupy Wall Street visit —